Monday, July 19, 2021

Real Reason Trump Was Lynched

"Buy a senator like a normal billionaire, Don. You can't buy the presidency, that's cheating."

You can get pretty much anything done by buying a few senators, except, that is, to put a stop to the Late Empire looting free-for-all. Naturally you can't do anything about other billionaires buying other senators, because you can't outbid them. Tragedy of the commons. The game is to steal everything not nailed down before the other billionaires can, then buy some prybars and keep going.
As a bonus, the senators are friends of a sort, and the billionaires aren't. They live together and thus suffer repeated prisoner's dilemma. They're not going to fight for you, they're going to conspire together against you to scam you out of your attempt to buy their scamming power, should you get into conflict with other billionaires. The billionaires deserve it, don't they? After all, they have more money than senators, which means higher social status. What assholes.

Donald, however, is autistic. He got tired of having to fundamentally be a scam artist, and wanted a country that didn't suck. "Yeah I can buy a presidency, watch." They didn't like that. Give up some personal ego for the sake a country in which you can be even richer? I'm sorry Donald, what kind of people do you suppose you live with? Naive. 

Double naive: he thought the American "people" had anything to do with what DC does. Billionaires vs. "the people" in modern America? Get real. No independence whatsoever. If they ever had any, Prussian school saw off the rest. 

On the contrary, the only thing an American dreams of is being a fraudulent senator themselves. Being the sneaky rancher instead of the hapless livestock.

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