Sunday, July 4, 2021

Frankenstein's Monster is the Story of Christianity's Hatred for God

Frankenstein's monster isn't unhealthy because it's wrong to create life, but because Frankenstein created life wrong. Exactly the same way an unskilled carpenter might join a cabinet wrong. 

Jordan Peterson is exactly correct. God is a metaphor for reality in the broadest scope. The thing sometimes called [creation]. 

Creating life must be possible, because it happens every time someone is conceived. Although it is certainly a more difficult and complicated task than joining a cabinet, it must be possible to map out the process and correctly carry out the steps. Turing completeness etc etc.

Frankenstein is a story about how Christians are mad that science is starting to understand this process. Rather than admitting that science has found something about God that Christians don't know, they reject God. This reveals that Christianity was always about rejecting God. That was, all along, one of their highest priorities. 

This predicts that Christians will have rejected God in the past, and indeed we see this. That is, if all you knew was modern Churchianity and the story of Frankenstein, you would predict that past Christians would have a tendency to turn insular. To stick their fingers in their ears and sing. 

When Augustine was alive, Christians were arguing that the Bible was literal, and when physical reality contradicted the Bible, physics must be wrong.

When the Muslims went on crusades to conquer the world, Christians ran a counter-crusade once, but ultimately fell to in-fighting because what other Christians are doing is more interesting than outside events. There was in fact only one crusade. The rest were merely a clever way of expanding the "infighting" game to start with.

"First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak up because looking outward is simply un-Christian, and the Jews are out there, not in here."

Christians like to say lots of dunamophobic things, because kratia, exclusive power, is limited and if you seek more dunamis you will crowd out the available kratia. That is, leading Christians will say seeking power is bad, not because they're not "ambitious" but precisely because they are "ambitious" and your competition is unwelcome. 

If you have the power to create life, it will make them look bad. Hence the apparent loyalty to Christian dogma. 

In general, when a group claims to be X, you get to assume they're anti-X until there's strong evidence to the contrary. Feminists hate women more than anyone. Men's rights activists particularly hate men. Nobody hates blacks as much as BLM. Nobody hates the environment as much as Greenpeace, though the EPA comes close. Communist hatred of peasants and workers is unmatched. If your spite for foreigners is particularly passionate, join an open-borders group. Nobody hates God the way Christians do.

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