Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Correction: Fascism is Utopian

Because duh, of course it is.

Point 2 is the inability to not act. That is only a symptom. Point 2 should be [utopianism]. 

Everything is perfectible, so if anything isn't perfect, Something Must be Done. If you don't perfect the perfectible you're purely derelict in your duty, right? 

In a happy coincidence, all this action makes things worse, which is justification for the next Something you wanted to Do anyway. 

In yet another way feminine Fascism is more stable than masculine Fascism, the feminine desire to talk instead of act (to avoid responsibility) frequently prevents Somethings from being done. Lots of calls to action, but only rather desultory efforts at actual action, right? To the feminine mind, asking for something to be done is doing something about it. If nothing in fact happens it's not your fault. You asked nicely (or stridently) and everything. Plus when nothing happens you have an excuse to call someone sexist, so that's a nice bonus. Not that you wouldn't still bang him if he's hot, of course.

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