Sunday, July 4, 2021

Rectification: Society is Being Changed, Not Changing

What would a society's natural evolution look like? I wouldn't know. All modern societies are under tremendous pressures to bow to one political force or another. Perhaps that's even normal.

Naturally the 'society is changing' canard is based on the Will of the People mythology. Allegedly democracies are primarily affected by vox populi. Just as naturally, this almost couldn't be more false.

Sadly, too far into the past, records of history are too vague to check whether they too were being changed by a small, desperate minority, or evolving naturally. However, as far back as sufficiently-detailed records exist, society has been dominated by crazed desperados. Ironically, almost always very rich desperados who have no need for additional anything. Most likely power addicts acting as if they're missing their crack/heroin dose. 

At the very least, we can be sure hunter tribes evolved naturally. 100-man bands don't have enough power addicts for them to band together and take over. Even if a lone hungry wolf succeeded, the surrounding tribes would rapidly notice and pounce on the tribe's newfound horrific weakness. 

Hunter tribe evolution appears to be non-evolution. Society doesn't change on its own.

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