Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Victims are Not Victims

I caught myself thinking of victims as "innocent victims" in the Enlightenment sense, whereas in fact normally victims are the authors of their own misery. Secure your shit. 

"I got flooded!"
If you're going to be outraged, then you shouldn't build on a flood plain, genius. 

"I went alone at night drunk into a stranger's house and got raped!"
You don't fuckin' say. 

99.9% of all victims could have prevented their problems by not being retarded. Occasionally by not having retarded ancestors, which fully counts in my book.

"the victim is superior to the priest"
"where did crybullying and victimhood culture come from????"

As per my recent post, it came from the fact secular humanism uses utilitarian ethics. Crybullies are implementations of utility monsters. 

Secondly it came from slave morality. Everyone needs to get their victim card punched.

See also, Plato and the low becoming high, the high becoming low. The old shall revere the young, the wise shall revere the fool, and the healthy shall revere the sick and injured. 


However, priests should be assumed to be corrupt until proven otherwise. The kind of person who wants to be a priest is sick in the head and should be banned from being a priest. Pride: they think being holy gives them justified right to force others to do what they want. Occasionally someone screws up, either misunderstanding what a median priest is and goes into the priesthood without a crippling oversupply of Pride, or forgets to be corrupt. They're okay.

Corrupt priests are obviously inferior to non-criminals. However, once you pick out the Enlightenment brain worms, you realize victims are also a kind of criminal. I said, at first, that victims really are superior to the average priest. I was wrong.

Everyone avoids the victim, right? If you see someone at your school who got truly wrecked by life, sure you feel sorry for them, and then you try to vacate ASAP, as does everyone else. It doesn't matter if they have a disease, an injury, or are just getting divorced. Suddenly you're not interested in their company. Pity is repulsive. This natural, evolved instinct is exactly correct, as it turns out.

P.S. Under secular humanism and Fascism etc etc, victims are a kind of priest. They're the anointed. They cannot be superior or inferior to priests. Or: everyone in America is a flagrant liar, addicted to lies.

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