Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Contempt for Sailer

Today I'm particularly disgusted with Sailer's Communism and the slavish nut-licking Nick Land deems fit to associate with it.

"thus ruining the chances of tens of millions of actual Americans to afford marriage and children."

Hey Sailer, news flash: labour makes things. If you have more labour, you have more things, not fewer. Unlike the scenes in Marxist-Luddite schizophrenic fever dreams, in real life machines do not do all the work.

Another example: America still has open space. This is not proposing an attempt to fit another billion people into Tokyo without expanding the borders.

But...you know, even this argument is problematic.

"Similarly, Yglesias devotes seven pages to the tedious academic dispute over economist David Card’s study that showed that wages in Miami did not drop after the May 1980 Mariel boat-lift of Cuban refugees into the city increased the labor supply."

Wait a tick. Does it really matter whether wages go up or down? What if Americans don't want immigrants because they don't want immigrants, and (allegedly) America is a democracy, so that's that? 

'Sure I'm about to rape you, but the children will be beautiful.'
'Oh gee I guess it's not a crime then, despite all my screaming, crying, and hopelessness! Thanks Obama!'

Immigration could triple wages, but it's still contrary to property rights. Maybe the child would be Einstein crossed with doubleBuddha, but rape is still a crime. Ever heard of property rights, you fuckin' communist? 

Though of course in reality America is owned by a malicious and sadistic occupying force that forces immigration precisely because Americans don't like it. There's some desultory attempts to also profit from the immigration, such as using them for vote banks, but mainly it's about causing pain. 

Don't forget the other side: Americans don't have a shred of independence and won't resist no matter how hard you flog them. It seems they prefer having victim cards to little things like not dying. Or living in despair, for that matter. Sure if you can have a victim card and not die, that's ideal, but if push comes to shove the latter goes into the bin, not the former.

"Because most people would prefer to live in a place rather like the one they grew up in, just a little nicer, radically transforming the United States with immigration is an act of aggression against their happiness."

Breaking your own toys doesn't count as aggression. Americans don't own America, or even local bits of America, and have no intention of doing the slightest thing to change this situation. 

Americans' constant demands for respect only add to this revolting squalor. 


To repeat, the immigrants wouldn't have to go into existing neighbourhoods. There's lots of space for new ones. Although we all know the point of importing these people is to ram them down the throats of existing neighbourhoods.


"In contrast, most progressives have simply ignored the mathematical inevitability that increasing the U.S. population by importing poor people will increase climate-change emissions."

What was that "John Law" phrase again?

"the reassuring autistic positivism of pure statistical correlation"

Sailer of all people should know that moving someone to America doesn't make them an American. Fascists like their unprincipled exceptions. The fallacy seems to support his argument in this case, so no need to hold back.


"down to a below replacement rate of 1.72 children per woman in 2018. And yet when asked how many children they’d like to have, women and men both average about 2.6."

Hey dumbass, humans lie to surveys.
If you asked me whether I wanted a pegasus who doesn't eat to fly around on, I would say yes. It's not my highest priority, because it's impossible. How much do Americans want 2.6 kids? It's not like it's illegal or anything, they're just apathetic. Given a choice between the newest iPhone model and another kid, Americans choose the iPhone, empirically speaking. 

"The traditional basics of American middle-class family life—a house with a yard in a satisfactory public school district"

Give up Prussian school, fucktards.

"Why? Because supply has not kept up with demand."

Factually incorrect. House prices per square foot are, within the margin of error, unchanged for the last 60 years. Taxes have more than doubled though! But that wouldn't work as cope, would it? It would call for American re-Independence, which would mean admitting they're not Independent. Oof. Better to give up that second and third kid. Way better.

"and that the sane parts of his book were motivated by how hard it was proving for even a successful Harvard grad with a certain amount of family money to make it all work in a major city."

Major cities afford more status and cost far more than they're worth. Give up your idiotic Pride and ditch the major city, you fucktards.

"Conversely, at the high end, the University of California is now dominated by high-GPA Asians, which means white parents in Los Angeles tend to pay big bucks for private colleges.

It’s an expensive way to live."

So...stop? University is highly disposable and replaceable. That is, unless your highest priority in life is being approved of by your hostile, sadistic, parasitic government. But, if that's the case, you don't get to complain. Shut it, kid. You made the bed.

This is the best you can do, America? You suck. You're a pit of despair, ennui, and decay, and you deserve it. 

P.P.P.S. On the plus side I don't think Sailer ever lies. He's confused and addled, not dishonest. It's a very nice change of pace.

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