Monday, July 12, 2021

Leftists are Bad Friends

Leftism at the personal level:

“Oh, no, I don’t blame you,” Alvin said. “I lost a lot of friends that day, but it wasn’t when you killed them. It was when they rent their own souls in twain to trade away half to creatures of hell to become unholy abominations of flesh and ice. You know, cult stuff.”

Moral: it's okay to be friends with the kind of person who rends their own soul in twain to become a creature of hell, as long as they don't quite actually do it. You can tell because Alvin is supposed to be sympathetic, instead of a deviant who is friends with other defectors. (As much as you can be friends with a defector, anyway.)

It's a bad idea to associate with leftists because even if they themselves weren't deviants, they will try to drag all their criminal friends into your social life. Remember the Russian joke:

"If your mother was a whore, your father a drug addict, and your friends all homosexuals, what would you be then?"
"Then," said Stalinist Johnny, "I would be a liberal."

P.S. The story is written by a frothing-at-the-mouth leftie. You can tell because the main character is a bull dyke, and also because rightists don't write novels. Still, sometimes I'm really hard up for something to read, and this is tolerable as long as I remember it's written by a crazed religious fanatic. Puts the expectation bar in the right place. 

"Criminal cultists can be friendly cupcake bakers." It's cope. That and you're never supposed to employ personal judgment. Being judgmental is almost as bad as being racist...because even the leftist knows you'll tell them to piss off if you use a modicum of personal judgment.


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