Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Makeup on Women?

"As a teenager, I claimed to prefer women without makeup. Where did that come from? Stray feminist meme? Counter-signal to say I’m not superficial; I’m, like, deep and intellectual? Actual genuine distaste at being mis-sold products?"

Usually all of the above and others besides.
A stray feminist meme that's picked up because fake advertising gets super tiresome very very quickly. Counter-signal to say you can afford to date women who are so hot they look great even without makeup.
A wife has better things to do in the morning than spend 1.5 hours on makeup, so in the long term your date isn't going to wear makeup anyway. Would you rather she spend 1 minute throwing breakfast in the microwave for your kids and 90 minutes on cosmetics, or would you rather have luxurious 90 minute breakfasts every day?
Up close you can see the powder on her skin. Makeup only looks better in poor lighting or at enough distance. That said we should admit that it does look better when done properly.
There's also this: can you run your fingers through her hair, or will she be mad at you for messing up the 'do? Makeup sacrifices intimacy for the sake of appearances.

Feminists realized this meme doesn't work properly for the leftist, for these reasons and others besides, which is why they rarely push it these days. They haven't got around to abominating it, so some particularly unfortunate feminists, who are unattractive even with makeup, sometimes still push it, although the wheels are jammed and it goes nowhere.

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