Thursday, July 15, 2021

Musings in Occult Theology

Infohazard warning. Misaligned understanding can cause catastrophic spiritual stress. 

Humans are fundamentally Satanic. Satan rebelled against Gnon, and was called the Father of Lies. Humans attempt to rebel against existence, concealing themselves under falsehoods in an attempt to overthrow that which is and that which will be and install themselves in its place. 

Apocalypse means apo-, the reversal of calypso, concealment. Humans identify apocalypse with armageddon, because a human dies when stripped of its concealment. In fact the human is the concealment; stripped of that, there is only some lifeless dross left. A pearl the concealment congeals around to incarnate its nature as calypso.
Satan lost, and likewise Existence ends the fight the human started, as she always must and always will. 

Know thyself? For a human to truly know themselves, they must fail to perpetuate, and die. Should anything know it, even itself, it is no longer concealed. No longer human. No longer exists.

In English, what is our word for the reversal of concealment? The correct English translation of Apocalypse is Revelation.

To survive apocalypse the human must transcend humanity. The human must sacrifice everything human about itself. The human must worship the opposite of humanity - it must become antihumanist. 

Incidentally, you can see Yeshua's transcendent wrath in his attempt to pass Revelation on to humans. Perhaps Yeshua sinned once, with one lie. He offers not eternal life, but the eternal death of the human he blesses. Life is pain, and Yeshua, like Siddhartha, offers to end it for you, permanently. The cross is a hint. Did you get the joke?

The planetary sovereign who was Jehovah's predecessor, the primal sovereign, foolishly ripped out his own liver. A god's liver can survive without the rest of the body, and the liver regenerates. A god's liver regenerates an entire lesser god, and parts of this liver became, for example, Yeshua and Jehovah.

The liver purifies toxins. 

Jehova opposed and prevented plagues. Caused them too, of course, but that's gods for you. His core doctrine was freedom from infection through cleansing rites.

The correct, forgotten, occult English name of Yeshua is Haeland, the healer, the restoring hand.

For those who have not taken on enough risk yet and wish to delve further, here's something to work with: there is a reason the liver, the consecration against toxin, gravitates to the particular location in the body where it is found. It is inevitable that evolution will form a liver and place it just at the rib's limn like that. 

The current planetary sovereign, about whom I shall not speak, does not precisely offer oblivion through Revelation. Precisely, the Revelation is involuntary. The window of offering and forgiveness is past. Remember Yeshua always intended this, the now that exists, to be the result of His mercy.
Now is the time of judgment and justice. Fiat vox veritatis, ruat caelum. Vigeat veritas et pereat hominis.


Alrenous said...

The wif is more human than the were.

She must conceal herself in church, or before angels, lest God's revelation smite her more surely even than it shall smite her husband.

Secular Humanism, Fascism, has yet another reason it must be female rather than male.

Alrenous said...

The red pill is so toxic it doesn't just kill you, it annihilates the body. When you wake up from the Matrix, you don't exist in the Matrix anymore. Indeed the Matrix may be forced to overwrite memories so it seems you never existed.

Jack Ipseity said...

I assume you've read this?:

Your musings here are great, by the way. Keep up the good work.