Friday, January 6, 2023

What Monopoly Is

A monopolist is someone who claims the exclusive moral right to produce some product or service. The problem is that this is an absurd lie. Which is why they never state it plainly. Morality lol. The pathology of monopoly (trigger warning: pdf) follows straightforwardly from the exact realities which the lie contradicts.

Like most State actions this is primarily a status move. "We're going to force you to assent to this obvious lie like we really, really mean it." You must be a total chad, an absolute unit, when you can pointlessly vandalize someone else's mind with impunity. The monopoly profits are merely a side-effect. You will in fact find many monopolists are poor, since their product and management is so bad that even without competitors they can barely stay afloat. This doesn't make them reconsider the wisdom of monopoly: it is in fact working for them. There's no failure to address. 

A fortiori: it's impossible to have a true monopoly. A Coke monopoly competes with water. A road monopoly competes with walking. An Adobe monopoly competes with watching TV. Ultimately a monopolist can barely compete with the offering [do without].

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