Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Perhaps I Should Call it Accountant's Syndrome

The pathology of Asperger's is in fact that we are genuinely rational.

Q: Why do aspies tell the truth? A: our parents and teachers tell us the truth is important and we should say it. We don't get the joke, so we just do. The deep deceptive instincts are missing, so the sperg is forced to construct a personality from whole cloth. Why not simply use what we're told to use? 

Haha, oops.

Q: Why is economics called the dismal science? A: it's mainly aspies. Allists don't like how we strip all their elegant delusions. We don't even offer replacements. We have a tendency to think the delusions are merely oversights or mistakes - especially since the allists themselves will imply as much when caught out. "Oh gee I never realized tee hee." 

For our purposes, allists come in two varieties, and one of the varieties is "hard headed" meaning they are materialist. When raised by these, the sperg evaluates everything in terms of dollar profit. Concrete goods and services. Apparently this also includes children for no clear reason. This results in a sperg who comes across as cold and calculating. "Excuse me, what is the profit margin on this friendship you're offering?" A very dismal science, it would seem. 

Of course the actual problem is that this allist is not offering friendship at all, and is scared the autist will notice that the offered profit is negative. They get upset in an attempt at misdirection. They have no actual argument and must rely on cognitive flaws or they will fail. 

Having constructed a set of habits based on logic and persuasion, we find the allists lied all the time and the habits don't work. 

In any case, regardless of how it's raised, the true rationalist phenotype ends up calculating profit and loss. The instinctive deception is replaced by instinctively running the numbers. Given conflicting information, the allist assumes they must somehow both be true, even if they can't figure out how. The Authorities are axiomatically trustworthy, so if they conflict, they must not conflict. Given conflicting information, the sperg searches for some objective standard to distinguish which is true or which is more important. Allists themselves say that money is important (and very specifically don't say that blind faith in Authority is important) so one of the things we try is calculating the dollar value. At least using some kind of estimate.

This does work. 


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Dividualist said...

... and it seemed for centuries spergs are winning. Rule of law instead of vague custom. The scientific method instead of authority. Spergs invented the Internet and then got rich on it. Spergs figured out how to get as muscular as a jock with much less effort and unlocked the passwords that open women's legs.

The alists retaliated by coming up with bigger and bigger lies, knowing that this is the weak spot of aspies.

Allist: people are equal, democracy works, human rights are important
Aspie: OK whatever I am too busy building stuff to care, fine, let's say it is true
Allist: Bruce Jenner is a woman.
Aspie: now that is bullshit.
Allist: burn the heretic!