Monday, January 30, 2023

The Solution to Culture War is Surrender

The culture war happens because the society is obviously not okay, meaning someone around here has to be not okay, so it's time to start a witch hunt. Problem: you find the witch, you burn the witch, but it doesn't solve anything because it's not the fault of your fellow peasants. You end up in an endless war, because you refuse to attack the enemy.

It's especially bad because, even when you finally purity-test everyone to hell and back and get together with your fem-bros, the society is still obviously not okay. Leftists all hate each other, but they somehow have to blame Trump for the fact they can't get along even when they're alone with each other. "Stereotype threat," lol. The mental gymnastics require Herculean cognition. Lots of strain on the ol' thinker. 

The enemy is yourself, by the way. You're staying with a society that's obviously not okay, rather than ditching it.
Either it's your society, as in you personally own it, or it isn't. If it is, you could just change it. You can't change it, so it isn't yours. Either conquer it or Exit. Don't blame some random hapless man-child.
The physical owner of the society unquestionably hates himself. He's deliberately maintaining a society that's obviously not okay.
It probably became not-okay because he hates himself, and he wanted and needed to punish himself. Mission successful.

I realized this because I was thinking about the college dorm. We had LAN parties, and they were pretty neat, which, socially speaking, meant everyone said: "You are basically okay," to each other. We could get along because we all saw the local society as basically okay. There was no significant blame to apportion out.

This requirement is a serious problem if society is basically not okay. 

The culture war happens because the culture is already dead. It's a symptom of zombie countries. You already fucked up terminally. Black society. 

Once a culture war starts, it's time to surrender. Easily let the witches run free, because it doesn't matter anymore. If you try to hunt them all that happens is you get dirty and the pig likes it. 

Once society is basically not okay, you have to quit. Trash it. Start over. Your options are to struggle, fight, pay every cost, ""sacrifice,"" and then lose anyway, or to skip to the end. 

If you stay with this society, I have to assume you hate yourself too. Husbands and wives deserve each other.

On the plus side this means both sides are destined to lose. Leftists are, also, completely fucked. Which makes sense, on reflection. They're rebelling against Reality per se. Gnon can do nothing but laugh.

Under Fascism, both left and right less-left feel like they're the underdog. Like they're both suffering under horrible tyranny. Counter-intuitively, this intuition is complete, correct, representative, and relevant. They are in fact being horribly oppressed. Nobody is winning. Nobody is happy. 

Well, I'm winning, and the Amish are happy. But, look, edge cases. Negligible. Exceptions that merely prove the rule. 

Though, I suppose since the source of the problem is self-hatred, everyone is winning. They receive the agony they want and need. Tyranny is the point and the goal. Strife and war is the end, not the means. Mission successful.


Dave Narby said...

Disagree. The solution to the culture war is to create a better culture, and live in that one. The one you hate, if based on lies, will cease soon enough.

Alrenous said...

Hating it seems foolish. Spare a moment of pity for those who deserve it, then stop thinking about it.
Unless you have a stupid hobby, like I do, of pointing out how dumb one has to be to deserve it.