Sunday, January 29, 2023

Reminder: Weaponize the Mods

I recently tested it in a live exercise. Someone on the Nova Drift steam forum bothered me, so I got him permabanned.

I probably overkilled. First I riled him all the way up into a frothing rage, then reported him with my Machiavellian manipulation module turned up to 10. Poked the dog until it bit, then had him shot. You likely don't need to get this fancy, but sometimes I like to swat fruit flies with my bazooka. 

The Machiavellianism super worked: they had to wait until they forgot I instigated the moderator procedure, meaning officially I was not involved at all. There is no formal/public and likely no private record of my involvement...meaning I could repeat this almost indefinitely without anyone noticing a pattern, as long as I don't deliberately invite comparison by copy-pasting the Machiavellian paragraphs or something.

It's actually immoral* not to weaponize the mods. Or the laws, for that matter. If you don't weaponize them, it just means someone more unscrupulous than you will weaponize them; generally, against you in particular.

*(morality isn't real, but you know what I mean)

Any forum (or society) which pretends mods (or laws) aren't for weaponizing is merely begging to be weaponized. If you don't have everyone annoying and inconvenient banned, you're merely giving them a chance to have you banned out of jealousy. The more stridently they claim to be fair and balanced, the better camouflage they supply to Machiavellian manipulators. Ask me how I know. 


For example, you could weaponize Titania McGrath's bit.
Have you ever noticed that Transgressives like to repeat every unsavoury rumour about Bantu? What if you dialled that up to 11? Every day, exclaim how racist it is to say that 13% commit 54%. Don't forget to be especially clumsy about it when you offer endorsements. "It's just evil to suggest that women might be deeply specialized at taking care of babies."
"It's horribly classist to suggest that 98% of Americans are functionally illiterate, incapable of finding a phone number on a web page if it's not labelled specifically 'phone number!' Studies have found that 50% of the population don't read signs because they can't, but only because science is white supremacist!"
No enemy can do as much damage as a stupid ally; ergo, weaponize stupidity. Be the stupidest ally they could possibly fear.


Exception: if someone is a known honourable cooperator, then don't weaponize the mods against them. It's worth putting up with their annoyance, even if the alternative weren't a pointlessly destructive arms race. You'll find the honourable tend also to be competent. Unlike the folk who weaponize mods even when it's frowned upon, the honourable are hard targets. Harder, at least.

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