Monday, January 16, 2023

Peasant Inarticulateness Example: Stroads Contradict Children

As linked in my last even-day post: "Someone could come along and scoop them up in a white van." Happens around the 1-minute mark. 

The fear is real, the "logic" isn't. The problem, as adequately explained in the rest of the video, is ICE vehicles. Hence the "van" motif. The peasant knows they're afraid and it has something to do with these machines, but they themselves have no idea what they're thinking, so they confabulate. As expected, if you ask a variety of peasants you'll get a variety of confabulations.

The usual autist/rationalist thing is to assume that, since their articulation is wildly wrong and they are (allegedly) an adult, they must be lying and mistaken. This isn't quite true. Although white vans are purely mythological, the peasant's conclusion is sound. They have no idea how to get to the conclusion legitimately, hence they come up with something illegitimate so they can get there anyway.

Roads are death traps. Strips of death zone criss-crossing every city. It is functionally legal to run over children. Roads are severe hazards, and you should be afraid of them. 

If your kids aren't afraid enough of stroads that they don't even want to go outside, then you need to keep them inside for their own safety.
(Especially if you have basically-incompetent peasant children, as peasant parents tend to. They're quite hapless, so...)

Imagine there were mountain lions everywhere, but they didn't leave designated lion zones. There's no fences or anything. And by "don't leave" I mean they mostly don't leave, and also to get anywhere you have to wait for the lions to clear out so you can quickly dash across the lion zone.

Would you let your kids outside in this environment? lol "If you get eaten by the lions it's your own stupid fault. Just natural selection." Uh huh.

You morons let your cities become logically isomorphic to fenceless lion preserves.  

The peasant is generally themselves aware that their reasoning is illegitimate. It's special-case. "Oh that's different." Really? How so? It gets compartmentalized so it doesn't contaminate their other "reasoning," which is also going to be illegitimate anyway, so whatever.

It's only a problem when some non-peasant mistakenly takes any of it seriously. It's basically emotional animal noises, and should be treated as such. There's no logic here. Seek elsewhere, my young padawan.

Bonus round: egalitarianism means everyone is a king. Kings have chauffeurs. Princes and princesses don't walk like some peasant, they are driven everywhere, if not carried in a palanquin. You wouldn't dare to let your child experience the lower class experience, now would you? How gauche. Even if you have to "sacrifice" and play the role of the chauffeur yourself, since you're too pathetic to afford a professional driver.

Conveniently, princesses and princes aren't independent. Very convenient indeed.

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