Thursday, January 12, 2023

LastPsych Translation: How to Want

The fuck does Alone mean when he uses the phrase [how to want]?
Okay, here's my shot at it.

Before ads, you don't want. You're good.
After ads, you've been taught to want. The product is indeed irrelevant, the thing the ads propagate is want itself, and by that I mean deficiency. What ads "sell" is the idea that you are inferior and insufficient - but only a little, you can fix it with a Guinness. 

Advertisers allow other ads because even if you don't buy a Guinness you will buy the message that you aren't enough, that you have been left wanting, and will have to buy something sooner or later. 

This is why I absolutely despise ads and refuse to expose myself to them. They're insulting. "I am in fact not insufficient, and frankly in a just society you would hang from the neck until dead." Advertisement really is vandalism. Inherently reduces the value of whatever it is attached to. Inherently defective and deviant. Inherently criminal. 

The fact that the government allows advertisements is, by itself, alone, dispositive proof that the government is an illegitimate black government. A society which does not reflexively reject a black government is an illegitimate, black society. The other reason I hate ads is that they remind me that they aren't, actually, wrong: if you're watching the ad, you are indeed insufficient, inferior, undeserving. As Alone says, it's for you. I don't like to be reminded every few minutes that my neighbours are intolerably contemptible. 

All sorts of weird shit is allowed to be "ad-supported" because regardless of its overt offer, what it does is normalize, maintain, and reinforce degeneracy. Many think ads are a vehicle to fund their message, the truth is the reverse, your message is a vehicle ads use to spread themselves. 

Ref: youtube, a 30-second spot is a decadent flex, saying "you suck" doesn't take 30 seconds, it's not a long message, it doesn't even take six seconds. Yousucktube.

Naturally, this supports and is supported by egalitarianism. Everyone is a king, which means everyone is a loser. Don't worry, you can't really be the omega - as long as you buy a Guinness. Egalitarians gotta sneak in that unprincipled exception. "I may be the omega of the ingroup, like everyone else, but at least I'm not the outgroup. Who doesn't even drink Guinness?" I've now written Guinness enough times that it has lost all meaning to me. That was quick. Ghinness. A female Ghin, whatever that is. Perhaps the princess of clan MacGhin. She's all stuck up and not worth the hassle. Definitely don't drink her, that's gross.

The ads are too weak to be the root of the problem; without that religious obligation to feel inferior, ads would look as ridiculous and foreign as they in fact are. 


"You suck, buy Guinness instead." Damn, I'm good. Hire me, assholes. "You suck, pay Alrenous instead."
I think my favourite part is that actual use of the "product" is irrelevant. The buying part is all that matters, both to seller and ad-victim. Don't like Guinness? Notice it kinda tastes like ass? That's fine, buy one anyway, you don't have to do anything silly like drink it. Buy book: important. Read book:, maybe later. VG constantly lures gamers into nabbing multiple copies. You know Piratebay is right over there, yes?

P.S. Alone vaguely grasps that feminine Fascism needs to feminize men. "My interest here is not the tricks the ad uses to get you to like Guinness, but what the fact of the existence of such an ad says about American men today.  It's bad.  It's really, really bad."


Dividualist said...

I think a major reason a lot of people dislike capitalism is that they are too gullible and easily manipulted into buying shit they dont need.

E.g. smartwatches. I have a smartphone in my pocket, therefore, I totally need another, smaller and dumbed-down smartphone on my wrist too. LOL.

I think I have never ever clicked on an ad in a web browser. If they can afford an advertising budget, it means the product is overpriced.

Quality never advertises. Everybody just knows Victorinox knives are good. Dumb people buy advertised knives and are suprised it is rusty two years later.

Alrenous said...

Peasants need a lord to tell them what to buy. Or, ideally, to buy it on their behalf and simply mandate that they have one.

In the absence of a lord, there's mastercard.