Thursday, January 26, 2023

Christian Altruists Are Opposite-Day Heroes

The Christian heroes are all altruistic, which makes them callous altruists, which makes them not-heroes. They're defectors or stooges.
E.g. Frodo is a stooge. Superman really is super: he's both a defector and a stooge. He conquers Metropolis, and of course he's a journalist, but then he gives the city back.
This makes nearly every Christian story ultimately a piece of shit. They may struggle and fight against this social requirement to make their core protagonist a worthless nega-hero, and may even succeed in implying a genuinely good story, but the stories as actually written are sewage.

In a sense the anime harem limp-noodle "protagonist" is satire. "Isn't this exactly what you're going for? Looks pretty horrible, doesn't it?" And yes, that does appear to be the intent. If your story is properly socially-approved, your protagonist becomes, rather obviously, not-a-protagonist. They become a soulless prop. The reason it's a harem is to efficiently satirize the lack of chemistry found near the heroines of several stories, rather than having to do them all individually. "Why is she attracted to him?" The answer is "kindness," in other words, being a socially-approved Christian, in other words, she isn't, except plot.

The police want to arrest Batman because he's a defector. It's hint-hint nudge-nudge; they're not incorrect. Batman, naturally, increases crime. (So much the cops are jealous.) He punches criminals such that there will be more criminals to punch tomorrow. You can't write a Batman comic where Batman actually, you know, succeeds in his alleged goal. I guess that means he's also a stooge.

I figured this out by contemplating Okage: Shadow King. When you first see this game, it's rather compelling. Ari has lots of dialogue choices where he doesn't have to be heroic. Only, what's not-heroic about it? Ari comes across as real and honest, rather than fake and gay. Oops.
The NPCs in Okage are comedically socially inept. In other words, they're the exact same NPCs you find in basically every RPG, except they don't veil their rude and horrific solipsism. The only real difference is that they don't see any reason to be ashamed of their behaviour, so they don't hide it.

There's lots of collateral damage in Superman comics because, as I hardly need explain, when a conqueror launches his invasion, shit gets smashed.

Even if you can't put words to it, especially if you've been exposed to enough Okage, you can tell there's just something off about Christian so-called heroes. Unless of course you're the target audience of Saturday morning cartoons...
Ari isn't nice because they're not nice to him. Or rather, he at least has that option. You can play him as someone with self-respect if you want.

Let's not forget the Spider-man Disney-effect. You can only be a hero if you don't have parents. "Discard your community so you can embrace, uh, love..." Why can't Hermione or Ron be the hero? Answer: still have parents.
Further, lol at the broken Aesop: "Journalists suppress heroism." Indeed. Can't disagree.
Spider-man has to keep his identity secret because "the masses" usually think he's a menace. What if that's because he's, ultimately, a menace? In-universe Spider-man looks defective because he's defective. Out-of-universe Spider-man looks like a nerdy stooge because he's a stooge. "Only Parker can deal with Doc Ock!" Really? Some random atomized asshole can make a mecha-suit and the military can't? Only Spider-man can deal with Doc Ock such that it doesn't stick and he's back next week so we can have another issue of Spider-man.

Same way Luke, to avoid "embracing hate," can't just kill Palpatine, let alone Anakin. If the Empire is evil, ultimately the saviour of Star Wars is heckin' Vader. Turns out the original prophecy was right after all, except it turns out Sith are good and Jedi can only let evil happen.

Same way Jehovah imprisons Satan in such a way that Satan conquers the whole world.

What a fucking loser.

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