Saturday, January 14, 2023

LastPsych vs. Dove Ad & Voting

"The mistake in interpreting this ad is in assuming the ad is selling based on the women and their beauty.  If that were true, it would be counterproductive: if they are naturally beautiful, if the problem is actually a psychological one, then they certainly don't need any beauty products.  A beauty ad operates by creating a gap between you and an ideal"

Where "ideal" means, in this case, mediocre sufficiency, not a genuine utopian ideal. 

Alone distracts from the core of his own message. He makes it sound like a sidebar.
By making this ad, Dove reinforces the legitimacy of ads. Doesn't sell a [[product]]? It sells the idea of selling [[product]]. Dove is telling you that ads can have a "positive message" and thus Ingroup would definitely listen to all the other ads. Except the bad, outgroup ads, of course. No need to justify that exception in principle, just kto kogo that shit. 

Fascist voters slaves sense that advertisers aren't on their side. They can feel that they are outgroup, and don't have an in, yet they continue to watch ads religiously. I guess that's a slave for you. 

Can the voter vote for himself? When he votes for the "wrong" party he still upholds the custom of voting. "I wouldn't win." Trump is allowed to lose too, you're not even allowed to play, you have to pass cope off on me to hide the fact that you're not even ingroup, you're outgroup. The Fascist is rightly considered revolting and pitiful by his rulers, but apparently he's fine with this. If you mute someone's ads they'll get mad, I know because I tried it. If you tell the Fascist to stop being shitmud, they can actually get violent with you. 


You know you could set up your own election and elect a shadow leader? Whenever you want? Look at the national election, go, "Huh, that didn't work, let's try this again."
If everyone did it, the shadow election would become a real election. Which is why everyone is scared to even think of doing it.

You want more black women in Dove ads? How about not watching the Dove ads at all? I haven't even seen a newspaper in years, I won't even watch Tucker Carlson in actual video. 

You can vote for Trump? Maybe you need something stronger, like mythological whoever-Masters? Voting itself is the problem. Contrary to property rights. Ads are crimes. 

It's an illegitimate black society. The only healthy move is to not engage. "I can't escape, they won't leave me alone." The Amish exist to prove you're lying.

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