Thursday, January 19, 2023

America: Land of the Female

"And they will all chatter amongst themselves, politely and delightfully, about their completely incorrect theories on how transportation works"

Americans cannot help offering unsolicited incorrect advice, because every last American is a woman. Except the little girls, I suppose. This isn't recent, they were like this in the 1800s too. 

Bonus: to feel manly, American ""men"" will offer the advice rudely.
You're knitting, but, like, it's a Conan book cover. Totes masculine. 

P.S. Women don't like free society. Makes it hard to know what to conform to. If she doesn't know what to conform to, she literally can't think about anything else until she figures it out. 

If you live in America but aren't basically a girl with no curves, then I'm sorry: you're not American, end of story. You got lost and ended up in the wrong country.

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