Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Outsideness Divination 3: Test Reliability

"Recent annoying shit from Lucifer:
Monism / Nomism (Uh-oh)
Popish (WTF?) ..."

"More worried that Lucifer doesn't think [Popish is] an insult."


"I'm smarter than Lucifer's successor!" Sure you are, lol. That's exactly why you need nomism and a Pope: you're too dumb to get the right answers, just listen to someone who isn't. Truth isn't a democracy, you are not entitled to an opinion or a voice.


Lucifer is dead, by the way. Has been dead for a very long time. The only question: am I talking like 12,000 years or more like 150,000 years? A long-ass time. (Also a long ass-time, whatever that is.)

Monism: turns out Berkeley was right, the answer is idealism.  

P.S. https://rlhoover.people.ysu.edu/OAT-OGT/reliability_validity.html

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