Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Finally Noticing Feminism is Thinly Veiled Misogyny

"The Kill TERFs movement is pretty astonishing. It's a bunch of biological males threatening to brutalize biological females for saying that female sex is real.

— Wilfred Reilly"

Reality really had to put her back into swinging the teaching 2x4 on this one, but she finally wound up far enough that it started to sink into their thick skulls. 

She's never going to get the blood and hair out of the wood, though. Ground all the way in.


JBPGuy said...

All advocacy for "oppressed" groups operates on the fairly obvious, and yet hidden, assumption that the group could not do it on their own merits.

Jewish holocaust refugees to the US spoke english and on average had higher than average incomes within 10 years.

But black people need reparations for slavery that ended hundreds of years ago?

The only "explanation" I've had for this is that Jews are "white passing", but, no. Their internal culture just allowed them to succeed in the broader US culture at the time.

People successful in any given domain exhibit the skills and attributes needed for success in the domain, duh doy.

So this entire feminism thing is literally "change the requirements of this domain so our culture, attributes and behaviour mean we can succeed in it".

Alrenous said...

"The old dictator was a strongman—the new dictator is a weakman, because he owes his job to someone else. That someone is you [...] If you decide you don’t like your weakman, it’s easy to find another weakman."