Saturday, August 20, 2022

The police told me not to fight for my kids so I guess I won't! 🙃

The American people have clawed back significant freedom in several areas since the 50s, 60s. 
Homeschooling was essentially unknown/illegal and truancy laws were enforced. 
If the gov decided to "bus" your kids to violent bad school, they were telling you not asking you.

You can tell someone's really dedicated to their kids when they roll over at the first sign of Official disapproval. Wouldn't want your kids to get in bad with the Regime, now would you? They know where you live, after all.

The American "people" didn't do jack shit.

First of all, the laws weren't real. The Amish gave a big "fuck you" to the education establishment. Go look up when it happened. It's only "compulsory" to 8th grade and all their teachers are local Amish, to hell with your licensing requirements, literally in this case. Are you claiming to be unable to match the oligarchic wealth and military might of the Amish?

I happened so it must be possible. Non-Amish Americans surrendered without fighting. Because they don't have the unflinching courage of a bunch of pacifists.

Second, they stopped protesting. How did they "claw back" anything without even protesting? Without lawsuits? You're not dumb enough to suggest voting did anything? The Regime just got too tired to bother or something. It's not 100% clear.

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JBPGuy said...

Just like the cliche
no one believes
the benevolent and rich Uncle
has been molesting your kids