Thursday, August 4, 2022

Peace Speech, Trade Speech, War Speech

There is no such thing as free speech, for the same reason there is no such thing as a free lunch.

If you're talking with the ingroup, then you're at peace. Peace speech.

If you're talking with the outgroup, then you might be using a trade pidgin; this is trade speech. Passing spices along. The speech is an adjunct to materiel flows.

Otherwise, it's war speech. The audience isn't friendly. They can't hear you. You can only damage them. They only listen to you at all due to various bugs. Likewise, you can't hear them. 

The correct response to war speech is always censorship. If they won't shut up, force the issue by killing them. It's very literally war.

Only peace speech has any possibility of genuinely being communication. However, even then, only in special cases. Usually ingroup speech is dominated by groupthink; the communication is wholly hierarchical. The tribal chief tells everyone what to think, and then they do.


barabba said...

Truth is you cannot have meaningful conversations with people less or more than a standard deviation (15 pts) away from your IQ.
What you label as contrived, robotic 'peace' or 'trade' speech, a 100IQ individual would regard as spontaneous, truthful and thoroughly enjoyable exchanges of opinions.

Alrenous said...

...because they're mutually too stupid to notice no actual communication is going on.