Wednesday, August 24, 2022

In what way is this implausible to you?

"Cause it reads to me like either the CIA is operating on some utterly Q-tier logic,"

The contrary is implausible to me.
Q is American. CIA is American. Prima facie, we should expect them to think in similar ways. 

Indeed a leading theory is that Q is CIA, so even moreso.


JBPGuy said...

I'm always reminded of Mitchell and Webb "Are we the baddies?"
People just don't realise they're actually the Nazis pretty much every time. Oh, you wanna silence a whole group of people? Well I have unfortunate news, my friend.

(Why do people really rail against JBP? Mostly I think cause thats his primary message, um, sorry champ, you'd be dropping the Zyklon into the chutes)

Re: Tate. I agree with the thread actually. Now that I think about it, why would someone espousing the "bad" views be allowed such an enormous platform?

To me, watching his past and current behaviour, it is perhaps a smear tactic on being "reasonable".

If he was truly "problematic" youtubes algorithm could easily remove his "final message" video. And yet.. they allow it. Theres some tactic here.

Anyone can point to that and say "JUST WATCH IT AND LISTEN TO HIM" and, on the surface, it is exactly a perfect and straightforward and reasonable and even moral message.

But then you can demonise *that type of calm thinking* and say, yes but hes a woman abuser.

Therefore calm reason and charitability is associated with egomaniacal woman haters.

Also from the thread

>This form of guilt-by-association is the lowest form of pattern recognition

Yes. And people are super uneducated these days, so duh, it works. ORANGE MAN BAD. HER TURN. etc.

Alrenous said...

Yeah I think it's pretty likely he asked daddy to help out, and then he did. Then either him being banned is like ritual slaughter or a rival faction did one over on him.

Alt: by "CIA" they mean he's some entry-level secretary, not a director-level analyst or whatever.

In any case, the story we're told isn't the real story; isn't remotely related to the real story.

In any further case, I haven't watched any Tate because I don't care, and neither should anyone else. What is his message? For my virtues, I have no idea. Tattoos, no shirt, so some prole thing probably. Maybe it's even good if you're a prole, but it's irrelevant to me.

I think folk realize, all the time, deep down in the bones, that they are actually the Nazis, which is why they're so sensitive about the tiniest whiff of Nazism being associated with them.

JBPGuy said...

> Then either him being banned is like ritual slaughter or a rival faction did one over on him.

Nah, he's just banned on social personally - not fully entirely expunged from all - he still *exists* so he's not actually sacrificed per se.

So, the context of what he has said has mostly been stripped away - which, interestingly, he talks about in his "final statement".

>People take 2 second clips of me talking
>then make tiktoks and misrepresent what I say
>then this becomes my actual opinion

It's a warning for long form content creators. No one is taking Tates passports, money, or freedoms, but, his long form ideas are gone.

>Tattoos, no shirt, so some prole thing probably.
He's JBP for dumb people. "look at my expensive cars and money, I got this by taking responsibility for myself".

But this is like a step towards the ultimate cancellation of reasoned thought. I mean.. they can't outright ban JBP's entire content because to his credit he has really avoided saying anything particularly cancellable. But if its acceptable to cancel somebody because people make snippets of someones content which are inflammatory out of context...

It would be interesting to see Tate on the JBP podcast. If Tate was real, actually a real person, you would expect some communication now that he's been "cancelled". Considering in particular that Mikhaila Peterson has met him/ spent time with him etc.