Monday, August 22, 2022

Partisan Debate vs. Living Well

There's an ultra-short full description of America.

Crypto-Pope: "Jump!"

Blue Americans: "We should jump four feet high."

Red Americans: "No no we should only jump two and a half feet." 

Then they have bitter partisan fights, sometimes even unto death, about those 1.5 feet. Anyone suggesting not jumping or, worse, walking somewhere else, is studiously ignored or viciously attacked by both parties. Americans then frequently mention that both parties seem the same, before going back to cheering for the blues. Or greens. I don't remember which was the populare and which was the optimate.

Occasionally a neo-nazi or white supremacist suggests crouching instead, and then pats themselves on the back for being [independent] and [thinking for themselves] like the Pope told them to.

At no point does anyone crouch, jump, or walk until they manage to force it to be mandatory for everyone else. Except, as always, the Amish, who are clearly not Americoid and apparently exist purely to reveal the whole thing is a charade.

How to live well is not mysterious. It's been well-known for at least 4000 years. America is a giant project where they try to outsmart Gnon; trying to live badly but succeed anyway. It's not working.

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