Monday, August 29, 2022

Failure of Abstract Thinking: Eating Dogs

Apparently eating dogs is uniquely "cruel." Why is that?

Answer: they don't imagine eating a dog. They imagine you're eating their pet dog

Same way women can't think of "men" as a category. When they say "all men are pigs" they mean, "my dad is a pig" or "my ex was a pig." (Often, worse, "My dad was a pig yesterday when he ate the peach.")

You could point out that whether it's cruel or not depends on whether they use the captured-bolt execution method. You could point out that keeping a cow as a companionship pet and then eating it would likewise be messed up, but of course that's a hypothetical and quite beyond their ken. Beef comes from the supermarket, right? What's cruel about disembowelling a plastic package? Imagine trying to imagine a cow while you have aphantasia

I would like to highlight the solipsistic narcissism. "Eating dogs over there across 5000 miles of Pacific Ocean is about me and my dog." 

Voting is really, truly, a horribly awful idea. Good thing it doesn't work.

P.S. In ye olden days, when they said a man had "vision" were they saying "holy shit that guy has an imagination" or something? "Tit-twisting cuntsacks! Guys, I saw a picture in my mind! I'm having visions!" By the knicker-top elastic, that's really something, John. "Dumb daydreamer, stop that and pay attention in school. Look at this homo who sees shapes and colours with his eyes shut."

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