Friday, August 12, 2022

Science is Supposed to Have Value Judgments

They say science isn't supposed to have value judgments, but this is only because they inevitably get politicized. It's not supposed to have erroneous value judgments, because it's not supposed to have erroneous anything.

However, there are several ways to define value in a scientific way. If you don't like the first three, then use the fourth; you don't have an excuse. 

E.g. the fact science isn't supposed to have value judgments is itself a value judgment. Oops. That it's not supposed to have errors is a value judgment. Oops. Fuck off with your politicized moralizing. 

It is not only possible, but easy, to show that politicizing and moralizing are inherently of negative value. If you like the results it doesn't have to be politicized. You just buy it. It's only necessary to politicize if someone doesn't like the result; having to do it at all proves it shouldn't be done.

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JBPGuy said...

Science says
gold and copper have higher value as a conductor of electricity
than a potato or a brick

if you want to make something that transfers electricity
you value gold and copper
more than potatoes or bricks

but if you're hungry or want to build a house
your perspective