Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Don't Bet the Farm on the Impossible: West End

"The west as an ideology has a beginning and an end. Maybe one global empire centered on Rome was the imagined end but it didn't work out that way."

Seems about right. Hajnal Europeans bet everything on doing Rome successfully, but that's impossible because Rome was inherently impious. Gnon has words for those who attempt it. 

Since everything was bet, everything is forfeit. 

Unless Europeans wake up one day, get a cup of coffee, and realize ethnic cleansing is good actually, they will fatally miscegenate with the races they've alloyed their countries with.

Background: you get one generation of hybrid vigor, then endless repeats of hybrid breakdown. Genes are like a symphony, and if you mix two races, it's not that either race is wrong, but that the body is trying to half play each of two songs that don't harmonize. Stupid example: whether an allele is associated with higher IQ or lower depends on what other genes are trying to raise IQ. Mixed races are inherently worse than either parent. 

Presumably first due to slaving practices and second due to the Ottomans, Greeks have an IQ of 92. It's no mystery that they produce no more Socrates. Italy has an IQ of 93. Empire is fatal for the race that attempts it. While only the crazy or desperate miscegenate, it turns out there's no shortage of either of those and invasive genes never end up ghettoized.

Since Easterners are far more interested in obedience to persons rather than obedience to nature or any other higher power, they prefer conformity to discovery. Every improvement is a change, and they don't change unless they have to. Even then, it's only changing who they're copying to a new target. Quite possibly they might one day choose death over having to change. 

As such, there is no reason to think the Athenian tradition has any chance of survival.

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BSRK Aditya said...

"It's possible for the low-IQ to be not with us" -> erotic thought.

"It's impossible for the low-IQ to be not with us" -> anti-erotic thought.