Wednesday, August 3, 2022

New Ncov Conspiracy Theory & Food Plants Question

Largely I see the whole ncov thing as folk suddenly paying attention to something that happens all the time. Bad flu season is bad, wow. Much panics, many fear.

Okay, but what if the knew they were trying to create bioweapons at Wuhan, so when it escaped they thought they had a real crisis on their hands? Only their bioweapon engineers were incompetent so it was a massive squib. Burger type: nothing. 

Yes, it is a bioweapon. Sorry, this is the state of the art of bioweapons. Note whoever was targeted, it hit everyone, exactly everyone was warned bioweapons would do. 

Regardless, the main point is that whatever story we were told can be ruled out immediately. Something happened, but it's hard to say what, exactly.
Aside from the fact I learned that the CCP retained the Communist fondness for Potemkin villages. 


Anyway, how's about those food plants, eh?

Again: is this something that normally happens and folk have decided to notice this instead of something else, or is there really an uptick of food plants burning down? 

How many plants are there total? Over 35,000. If ten burn down a week, you lose somewhat over 1% a year. The actual rate appears to be 3/month.

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