Wednesday, August 17, 2022

A Certain Motherhood Comic

It's best to ignore what the crazy mob is doing.

Since most y'all are already not doing that, let's laugh at how fantastic this is.

If you don't know what it's about, a quick scroll up and down at all the Americoids who fell for the scam can tell you anything you want to know. 

You could immediately tell something was hinky because husbands and wives deserve each other. Either she was a horrible harridan or he wasn't nearly as bad as he's portrayed.

After a moment it was easy to tell it was mainly the wife humblebragging. "Yeah uh my lawyer husband is so terrible, lol. I hate that after only doing the dishes and cooking and cleaning the house and paying for everything, he thinks he's contributed." How terrible for you. 

It's very important to her that you understand how amazing her husband is (and by extension how amazing she is for landing him), but she can't undercut their joint scam comic by doing it openly. I hope she has a Patreon. I'm sure it's well-funded.

Yes, it was all cynical lies from top to bottom.
One (1) reply understands what's going on, everyone else is virtue-signalling. Saying, "Yes sir, please scam me again sir." Don't worry, this demand will be supplied.
Oh, excuse me, two (2).

Ref: bearing false witness against the self.
Ref: toxoplasma of rage.

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JBPGuy said...

It's an easy scam

"Hello average woman who only managed to get a slightly better than average husband. You are miserable, I know.

Guess what? My husband is high status and capable, and I'm miserable too. The problem is stinky dumb men in general, not just your husband

gib money"