Sunday, August 21, 2022

On Mortal Rationality

"It's said that most at home traders fail, but this is incorrect: they fail at making money, but they are successful at feeling like a traderThat is the goal; the money is secondary, which is why they fail at making it."

It is said that Americans fail at making America great, but that is incorrect. They are successful at being American, (a Christian nation,) and that is the goal. 

If it wasn't working for them they would stop doing it and try something else. Even the stupidest moron can work out how to thrash and flail.


JBPGuy said...


Would you say that the fundamental difference between the Christian God as portrayed vs Gnon/ actual God is that the Christian God is portrayed as permissive. Basically, Gods forgiveness is absolute, and THEREFORE there is no punishment.

Now.. is that really Christian doctrine, or is Christian doctrine so close to Satanic that

Like the grace vs permissiveness distinction.


-I accept your actions and forgive them but you MUST never do them again.

They just drop the last part as it's convenient.

It's interesting that modern culture wants even more permissiveness than Christianity even theoretically allows. Why are you forgiving me, are you implying I did something wrong?

Or has it been usurped by Calvinism, the idea theres no free will? Hmm.

Alrenous said...

Forgiveness doesn't even make sense. It's social nonsense. Pure Sophistry.

Either you're going to commit the sin again, or you won't.

If you won't, forgiveness is superfluous.

If you are, then forgiveness is unsuitable.

A sin is a cost. It goes on the liability half of the ledger. Mortals come as a package. You can't ask them to offer only the virtues and not the vices, that's not how it works.

If the value is worth paying the sin, then you make the trade. If it's not, then you don't.
Where does "forgiveness" fit into this equation?
I mean, I can easily work out how a scammer, who is trying to pass off a sinner as worthy trade, would need forgiveness. I don't see any use for it if you're not pulling a scam.

JBPGuy said...

I really agree with this. Defect if the price of getting caught is worth it.
Which, as I've said, is why they were breaking people on the wheel for robbing wagons.

I suppose then there's the sins that we don't know we're committing? They aren't the same as active defection. Perhaps that's the distinction?

Is borrowing money for a business, and that business failing - is that a debt equal to theft?

To me the concept of forgiveness stops blood feuds. There's a certain point where someone has to stop looking for vengeance, otherwise, it just spirals out of control. Ie, it's the same as a holiness spiral.

It's interesting to consider that the people who demand the most permission are also the least forgiving of transgression.

"use my pronouns or I will take your livelihood", you know?

Alrenous said...

I'm fairly sure [blood feuds spiraling out of control] is a con. It's not that it didn't escalate and perpetuate and stuff, but rather this 'out of control' thing. "Oh we wanted to make peace, we couldn't figure out how!" Bullshit.

Ultimately you can build a fence around your house and go outside with escorts. Secure your shit. If they can't pull anything there's nothing to escalate about.

The pronouns thing obviously isn't about forgiveness. They want to take your freedom away, one way or another. It's intentionally putting you on the horns of a dilemma. It's not about whether they forgive you - they are a defector, you shouldn't forgive them for even attempting it. Even if they're forced to give up the pronoun thing, they're going to do it again. Forgiveness is unsuitable.

JBGGuy said...

>It's not that it didn't escalate and perpetuate and stuff, but rather this 'out of control' thing.

You can look at any large scale genocide in the 20th century. Not a lot of forgiveness there. They made peace though, for sure.

>The pronouns thing obviously isn't about forgiveness
They want you to forgive their transgression toward you.

"Use my pronouns and don't punish me for making you uncomfortable"

(And yeah, I understand what you're meaning with it not being about forgiveness, of course. It's really about social dominance, but what is social dominance other than people "forgiving" you for winning at the defect/ cooperate game?)

Obviously there are a lot of moving parts in this argument so I'm being brief, but what I mean is that fundamentally a person who demands permissiveness is apt to not be permissive themselves.

People who demand religious tolerance seem less tolerant of other religions, etc.

I think the "True Christian" version of forgiveness is really meant to be discretionary.
Like, if a dude comes into your house and kills your kid, he's dead.

If theres an accident and your kid dies - you forgive.

Dead kid != murder the responsible party, you dig? Apply discretion.

It's just discretion is judgement and we really, really hate judgement, for some reason.