Thursday, August 18, 2022

Stalin Rehabilitation Hypothesis

Background: every Communist is gay, so gay Communism is redundant. The only question is whether they hide their desire to diddle little boys or not, based entirely on considerations of politics and power.

Does Clinton look like he loves his wife? Obama? Do they even look like they're attracted to them? They're pairs, but they were never pair bonded. If they aren't literally φαγγωτς they might as well be. You can't marry a six-year-old, and even if you could, the twisted relationship is extremely doomed. Looks like most of them prefer beards, but that ain't because they're straight. Why not just grab any old ho and make do?

Bonus round: sodomy is fucking disgusting, even if you're gay. If you're straight and you think having homo sex is repulsive; yes, for a homo, straight sex is just as disgusting, but the competition isn't exactly a better option. If they're bored enough they'll bang their wives, because, again, why not? Your options are: do something gross to get off, or do something else gross to get off. Thus the children help complete the illusion.  

See also: all those "jokes" about wives demanding sexual attention. Oh noes, I had to sleep with the woman I chose to marry, how terrible. How could anyone shoulder this burden. The "joke" is that the comedian is a sodomite or is playing to a crowd of sodomites.

What if Stalin wasn't gay? What if he was just kind of a psycho, so he ended up in the halls of Satanist power? 

He would inevitably notice, due to the close proximity, that everyone else was a pedophile. He might then conclude, given that everyone he knows is a pedophile, by induction everyone in Russia must be a pedophile.

And that's why he wanted to throw everyone in the gulag.

That's why he was utterly sure nobody but him deserved power, or even mind-your-own-business independence. Locally speaking, he was quite correct.

Why bother with any tactics but meatgrinder tactics? Frankly, the revolting perverts deserved no better, wouldn't you agree? 

P.S. I expect in modern times a bunch of politicians pretend to be gay because the attraction of women is basically invisible to them compared to their coercive power addiction. Gets them out of maintaining a fake relationship. Relatedly, when you don't care about your wife, for some reason the risk of divorce is high. Modern divorce is expensive, not to mention embarrassing. Pretending to be gay and having a reverse-beard (probably also pretending to be gay) just makes sense. It's probably not 50%+ only because of the risk of betrayal. Hard to set up that conspiracy. 

P.P.S. Darn funny that "he's not really gay" is now blackmail material in the semi-upper classes. 

P.P.P.S. Macron acts attracted to his wife, which merely proves the rule: φαγγωτ or close enough. Severe sexual dysfunction.

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