Monday, August 8, 2022

John Wick is a Disney Movie

Hollywood really likes to kill your family. (See also: superheroes.)

The only time you're allowed to have a family on TV is when it's a soap opera. (But then soap opera family. Functional.) If nobody bites it, the hack writers can't handle the plot. The relationships are too complex. Have to have scenes with, like, more than two characters interacting.

In Hollywood, nobody has parents. Or children. Or gods, for that matter; not a single speck of real piety. If your family is already gone they'll kill your little dog too.
And then you wonder why there's issues with the birth rate. 

Is this something to do with Jewish parents being completely insufferable nags? 

Not only can you not have a family in Hollywood, you can't even have friends. You wouldn't dream for a second that any of these characters like each other.
Are these actors supposed to be any good? To me being "friendly" looks like they low-key want to kill each other, but are too tired to bother. Seems to be more acting during interviews than on film and broadcast. 


They're going out of their way to be unrelatable, aren't they? If the story isn't entirely irrelevant to your life, their work is not yet done. 

I'm remembering the Shakespeare-style formulaic two-regular-blokes comic relief in Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm thinking the writers need training wheels.

It's boring. They start with impoverished worlds and tightly restricted relationships, and then kill some of them. Lame. No wonder they have to lean so heavily on spectacle. It's not like they have anything else to lean on.

AND they're not very good at spectacle. Avatar was the last time anyone put effort into environments. 

But seriously Disney has a massive hard-on for making "kids" movies where the parents die. It's a mass child-traumatization firm.

Parents happily line up to have this sewage poured into the eyes of individuals they allegedly love. Supply meets demand. "Honey, all your heroes act as if we're dead. Act as if we're dead too, okay?" Can't say such parents don't deserve it.


JBPGuy said...

The point is to show everyone that they can rely on themselves - that is *possible* to be entirely independent.

Stop people thinking that cooperating is a high status option.
It's high status to *get it all your own way on your own*, and these types of films are fantasies to that end.

Destroying the family as the main unit of cooperation stops families from existing that can compete with the families who pay to produce this rot.

Alrenous said...

Ah yes, of course. Atomization in ""individualism"" clothing.
"You're not the boss of me," where [you] applies to everyone. Never be a follower. Except Big Sister, of course, always do exactly what she says.

JBPGuy said...

Yep. Why is a "self made man" worth praising and yet a competent son - consider the Trump organisation has existed since the 20's - so contemptible?

Such an easy argument to foist on dumb peasants too.

"He's only rich cause of his DADDY"

And yeah and? So teaching your kids to be competent is immoral. Therefore, more moral to handicap your kids in case someone else misses out.

JBPGuy said...

>"He's only rich cause of his DADDY"
Which leads to "it's not fair because I can't be his son"

That's why its so easy to raise this argument, because even the most retarded peasant can understand that they can't swap daddies with someone else.

Alrenous said...

Son Also Rises: it's also not true. Your daddy can make you rich but he can't keep you rich. Having a rich daddy, by itself, is exactly like winning the lottery. Temporary.

On the contrary, not being a flash in the pan, speedrunning [shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves] in one generation, is especially commendable.

So-called "luxury" beliefs. Deliberately trying to ensure the serfs don't pass down any wisdom to their kids, so they're easy to compete with.

"Your parents are dead. If they're not dead, treat them like they are, to make my life easier."
"Yessir crippling myself right away sir!"
"Compete to be the most slavish, supine slave."
"You got it boss!"

After all, if there's an authority other than the State in the serf's life, they might do something other than exactly what the State says, right? Simply a continuation of the Catholic anti-clan breeding rules. They've got rid of the extended family, and now it's time to get rid of the nuclear family.

JBPGuy said...

> Your daddy can make you rich but he can't keep you rich

but don't let reality
get in the way

of your bitterness of being too lazy to gain real competence
or that you have to play the game to win

or your bosses desire
to control your every living moment

it's only perverted if he jerks of when hes doing it
(and you can see it)