Saturday, August 27, 2022

Intuitive Epistemology Example: Religions

When a Christian is preaching at you, it feels a certain way.

When a Wokist is preaching at you, it feels nearly the exact same way.

This is because they are the same religion. They differ cosmetically, but your gut isn't fooled.

Note that a real body of scholars would have names for the set of properties making up the feeling which identifies a religion like this. "Christianty feels hudlrog and sublang, and likewise Wokism feels sublang and hudlorg." With names you would be able to draw lines through that religion and other phenomena and see what specific features they are tags for.

Since you don't have names, you can only learn by painstakingly re-inventing the wheel. E.g. one isn't religion-specific, but instead the feeling of being preached at.


JBPGuy said...

(modern) Christianity and Wokeism
both have
pity of the weak
as their central tenet

A Wokeist sees they are born
into the utmost abundance
and Christian mores
makes them feel guilty

But they cannot make a sacrifice
to improve the lot of others
They don't believe in Christ

So they tell you that *you*
need to be like Christ
And nail yourself to a cross
so they
feel better

Alrenous said...

What if women feel bad for holding men back?
Catholicism in particular gives them a social way to express that and have "closure," at least until next week.

"some of you had never fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon ad your great grandmas house just to wake up at eight and find all the sáldele y ladies of your family chanting rosaries and pounding their chests sobbingly and saying “mea culpa, mea culpa” in front of a bleeding Christ statue by candlelight and it shows."

It's not and has never been a suitable ideology for men.

JBPGuy said...

>What if women feel bad for holding men back?

They probably do
but they also
feel bad
if they hold themselves back