Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hypothesis: Women's Preferences are About Adultery

Throughout recorded history marriages have been arranged. This at least biases stable pair-bonding in humans against the women having any opinions about her stable-pair bond. A woman will receive stable and sufficient husbandry even if she's indifferent to her husband, because her father cares about her and his own grandchildren, and thus there is no evolutionary pressure to retain husband-directed instincts. 

The women's opinion is disproportionately important for cheating on her husband. 

Result: a woman who follows her preferences will (disproportionately) genetically assume she's committing adulterous fornication and there is no future in the relationship. If the relationship is not widely known it will likewise trigger her secrecy instincts; she will assume it is secret because it must be secret. That if too many find out about it, she will have to stop.

Her genes will assume she's cucking her present or future husband and will "enjoy" the process because cucking is a fantastic strategy for women...assuming paternity tests don't exist. Her genes know nothing about paternity tests. 

Likewise she will see her much-less-excited sisters in stable pair-bonds, enjoying only their vestigial remnants of husband-keeping instincts. 

Basically, coercion is dysgenic and addictive.
It requires future coercion to correct; in this case let women think they're cheating and then shotgun marry them, for hundreds and hundreds of years consistently, until both men and women's genes learn that sex == marriage. Then, once roughly corrected, it is equally important to stop, lest a new distortion is created.


JBPGuy said...

Womens preferences are to mate with the highest quality male available.

The reason they don't like marriage, especially arranged marriage, is twofold.
One, it generally does not pair a woman with the maximum status man she could mate with

Two, as (generally) women were paired with men who were roughly their status overall - "good matches" - it reveals to women their *actual social value*, and that can really hurt them at an existential level.

The reason most people reject God/ monarchy/ whatever I think is because we've philosophically got to the point that we cannot accept that there are things that have factorially higher levels of power and control over our life.

It's no surprise that as we rejected monarchy, and then Gods, that women rejected the idea that they don't get to mate with the best possible male. If there is no hierarchy why should they accept their place in it?

Just read womens philosophical texts (hehe I mean "pulp romance").

>Basically, coercion is dysgenic and addictive.
It can also be eugenic, but, absolutely.

Coercion is.. eh. We're just pushing aside natural impulse for future benefit. A civilisation level marshmallow test, if you will.

If you play it wrong yeah, you get a bad outcome.

JBPGuy said...

Oh, as far as adultery, which I really should have addressed

When a woman *obtains* a man, he stops being unattainable.
Therefore he is no longer the highest status man she can be with, since, she has him.