Monday, June 20, 2022

Twitter Twits: Expecting Different Results

"Hey look at this graph." "You're fucking disgusting!"

The person offering the graph wasn't doing it in good faith either, you ridiculous child.
"Hey let's remove friendship and surround everyone with strangers from distant lands. Damn why is everyone so stressed and aggro all the time?" Truly, the world is a mysterious place.
This is why Reality's teaching stick has to get so bloody. Nobody listens.
Or is it a social signalling thing? They posted the graph (in bad faith) exactly because they knew the response would be of this nature, and they wanted to paint the responder as some kind of unusual deviant instead of a perfectly reasonable and normal human? (As far as grass monkeys go, at any rate.) It's a trap!

I favour the trap thing. They can't possibly be this stupid or they would all live in the street.

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