Monday, June 20, 2022

ICBMs and Pork

The American military splits cleanly into two camps:

1) ICBMs and nuclear submarines
2) Pork-barrel projects.

Almost all personnel are welfare queens. It's a make-work jobs program. No wonder they hate dying for it so much.

Since 1945, all wars have been wars of entertainment. Aggression? Defence? Doesn't matter, they were optional. Done for fun and profit.

"We made all these guns for congressional welfare. Might as well shoot them at someone. Iraqis? Yeah let's go blast some Iraqis, lol." 

Exactly like someone playing Civilization. "I have all these units. Might as well start a war with them. Sitting here quietly deterring is boring." The more they bang on about love and empathy the more horrific you know their soul is. Nothing but an empty sucking wound where a mind is supposed to be. 

How are you supposed to show off how well your weapons work if you don't huck them at real people, right guys? Millions dead, lol, I guess they work okay.  

Only okay though. Still kind of pussy shit, really. Stalin > Mao > America > Hitler > Pol Pot. If you want these alleged people to respect you, don't be nice like Hitler was - don't futz around with rookie league numbers.

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