Sunday, June 19, 2022

Dear Commentators

I'm happy to let you discuss amongst yourselves.

However, just as commentators have no right to offer blatant libel or repeat propaganda to me, you have no right to blatantly libel each other. Requests to have someone else's comment deleted will usually see a favourable response, as long as that comment is addressed to you. I don't try to rebut crazy and you don't have to either.

You can if you want, though.

1 comment:

Parisian said...

Happy Juneteenth! The Heavens sure fucked up today and yesterday and you still have no guts. Just bravado and some sort of reclusiveness. Not your fault entirely. I didn't know how your braggadocio would prove to be so unimportant till your idiot post about "the heavens weren't nearly merciless enough". Maybe that and the garden stuff were facetious, but they weren't funny. I do tend to overestimate people sometimes though Clearly I did it here.