Wednesday, June 15, 2022

NRA is Bankrupt, State can Commandeer Pentagon Armories & Responsibility Laundering

The Ukraine operation is obviously a State operation. Their little dog <strike>Toto</strike> CIA has their fingerprints all over it.

Ukraine is getting American weapons.

Which means Foggy Bottom is commandeering Arlington property.
Sad. Catastrophically sad.

Seems like the Red Empire surrendered recently. They've become disgustingly pathetic lapdogs. I wonder what happened? Clearly this is causative in the whole Wokeness thing. The actual elite would dearly like the New New Left to sit down and shut up. However, their Red Empire task forces have all shot off their own legs and cut off their own balls, so the elite don't have any enforcers anymore. The left-left-left-leftist Communists can't be caught attacking Wokeness or it will spoil the game.

Ironically they can be caught because American peasants really are that supine and servile. They blatantly stole an election and the peasantry was all like, "Yes massa can I have another massa." Remember that? However, it seems the American elite aren't elite enough to notice. They're paranoid and paralyzed by terror. 

Could have just Epstein'd Fauci when he went off-script. It's not like Epstein was a <strike>rightist</strike> less-leftist. Didn't. Had to do this whole trucker song and dance.

Like bro what do you think all the compromat is for. Why bother collecting it if you're never going to use it?

I've said earlier that wartime America functionally has no leadership because the responsibility-laundering cycle is way too long to respond to changes in wartime conditions. Certainly America's response to Ukraine has looked like a headless chicken. 

You can see what I mean with the trucker thing. They got it set up, but it took almost two years. Two years to create one protest. That's what happens when you have to spend most of your time covering your tracks and making folk think it's their own idea. 

Re: less-leftists, you can see it's trivial to freeze a less-leftists bank account and other DEFCON 1 procedures. They feel they need excuses for doing in their own, but, again, Epstein. It's not like they can't have someone whacked if they really want to; America is merely banana republic, rich ver.

On an election cycle it's fine. Probably took at least three years to set up the George Floyd riots, but elections run on a schedule. They could plan to start early enough to finish by 2020. Wars don't run to schedule. Having a schedule is just begging the enemy to put their forces exactly where they would do you the most damage. "By March 12 we want to stage at coordinates XY." "Neat, let's bury remote mines at XY. Won't even have to shoot at them." 

The real reason they bombed Iraq for 47 days or whatever is because it took 47 days to issue the next command after, "Turn on bombing mode." After, at most, 6 days, it was merely making the rubble bounce, but you certainly can't get caught telling the army what to do.

As per Moldbug, sclerotic red-giant-stage State.

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