Friday, June 17, 2022

At Best, All Christians Have Been Heretics Since Nicea

It's not impossible to make the case that Yeshua's teachings and the modern bible are wildly divergent. You can argue that originally he said something that wasn't batshit insane. 

All this does is push the "know them by their fruits" line even harder. Even if the original Christianity of Haeland was in fact virtuous, then it was not virtuous enough to prevent or reject Constantine. You had one job.

More likely Yeshuans couldn't reject heresy because Yeshua was a heretic. Can't fight back without stabbing through your own so-called faith. If you condemn Constantine, you condemn Yeshua. Gnon condemns Constantine; I repeat, know them by their fruits. The fruits of this tree are bitter indeed. 

Not that Europeans didn't clearly deserve it. Abused wives deserve to be hit, shot students deserve to die, and Europeans deserve their narcissist-Communism. Yeshua rightly wanted Europeans to suffer for sucking so bad, and, using his immortal talents, got exactly what he wanted. 

If you disagree with Yeshua and think you don't deserve to be punished, then stop eating his poisoned fruit. He can't force-feed you. As per the bible, you have to accept the devil, because he is weak. If you don't, he is powerless.

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