Thursday, June 16, 2022

Man Being Social Means Man is Not Rational

Being a social animal is the opposite of being a rational animal. They exist in direct conflict. 

Being rational doesn't necessarily preclude social cooperation, but being a social animal absolutely precludes rational behaviour. 

Being rational is the dominant strategy, but Earth is a paradise. The environment is way too easy, so Man became ecologically dominant with a strictly inferior strategy, thus releasing most selection pressure on the species. 

The Heavens fucked up. They were too merciful. By a lot. 

P.S. Earth is a paradise. In Reality, Adam was never kicked out of Eden. You're still there; look up. See a sunset for once in your life. If you think life is hard, it's because you're too stupid not to shoot yourself in the foot. Your problems are all self-inflicted.


Anonymous said...

> The Heavens fucked up. They were too merciful. By a lot.

What do you think the heavens were trying to accomplish?

> It is very difficult to try to assign anything like human motivation to All That Is. I can only say that it is possessed by "the need" to lovingly create from its own being; to lovingly transform its own reality in such a way that each most slight probable consciousness can come to be (long pause); and with the need to see that any and all possible orchestrations of consciousness have the chance to emerge, to perceive and to love.

(From Dreams, Evolution & Value Fullfilment)

Parisian said...

Being a social animal is the opposite of being a rational animal. They exist in direct conflict.

Being rational doesn't necessarily conclude social cooperation, but being a social animal absolutely precludes rational behaviour.

I think I like both of these, but for some reason much prefer the second, because it has this detail in it that is so crucial.

One of my favourite writers whom I have to struggle not to plagiarize said she (yes, there are a few great women writers, and none of them are feminists) was not interested in paradises, natural or artificial. She also said Las Vegas was "such a stimulating place". I usually agree with her, but not this time I did not mind that Tahiti was truly the paradise it has long been famed to be, and the sunsets and ringlet-rainbows were incomparable. They have volcanic mountains with 3 tiers of waterfalls going down, I practically passed out. Las Vegas is good from the air with iced wings, and is this gem surrounded by black; that's the only way I want to see that hellhole.

I know you mean something else, and I think you like for things to always be hard to be worthwhile, but hell, who killed the Satanic lesbian? You think a year of that was easy? The last night before court she tried to force me to have a Covid test and said if I didn't, she was cancelling court. Well, guess who said he was going to court and did? And guess who said she was cancelling court and who didn't? She said I was endangering "infants" of her b-celeb clients. Ho ho ho. After it was established she couldn't make me test Covid, she still kept it up and said "You have to wear your mask because you are contagious" I replied, not missing a beat "No, I don't, you TUB OF LARD", and that one hurt. She earned a true non-Paradise, but I got one.

Maybe you think the world population doesn't deserve Adam's Eden, but I guess I think that if I've suffered enough from various forms of stench, I richly deserved Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora (I went twice.)

Best as always. I still wonder if you'd like Patty McBride (she's not one of the ones I showed you), but I can't risk a woman that elegant, especially since I think she's Paradise itself.

JBPguy said...

>Being a social animal is the opposite of being a rational animal. They exist in direct conflict.

In all attempts to win the prisoners dilemma as a computer/ ai modelling problem, the strategy that results in the most points overall and the most wins is

Co-operate first
Co-operate until the opponent defects
Defect until the opponent co-operates

The most mutual benefit is the most rational strategy.

Yes. Defecting against a co-operator is rational in the short term, but relies on a supply of co-operators. Every defect-co-operate pairing increases the likelihood that a co-operator either becomes a defector or simply runs out of resources, ie, defect-cooperate cannot be sustained.

Cooperate cooperate is the most rational strategy as its actually sustainable.

A non-social animal can't play co-operate co-operate. Even plants co-operate.

Alrenous said...

Gardens are fake.

In a garden, you can't fail; the gardener will rescue you. This means you can't succeed either. If you're not held responsible for your failures, you can't be held responsible for your successes, either.

The loss of the ability to succeed is far too expensive to make hedging against failure worthwhile.
In any case, failure isn't failure. Failure is growth; IRL you only gain XP from the fights you lose, not the fights you win. The garden is stifling. Failure is a vital organ.

In a garden, nobody exists but the gardener.

Parisian said...

Beckmesser's failings are precisely those Wagner ascribed to the Jews in his notorious essay on Jews in music: Beckmesser has no melody or art of his own but preys on others (even stealing Walther's song); he speaks of loopholes, and he acts with legalistic ruthlessness. "In song," Wagner wrote, "the peculiarity of the Jewish nature attains for us its climax of distastefulness." Beckmesser's two major songs have awkward rhythms, unbalanced phrasing and a whining melisma that listeners of the time recognized as satires of Jewish melodies. His music jerks according to Wagner's idea of Jewish speech: a "creaking, squeaking, buzzing snuffle." In Walther's first song, Mr. Millington points out, one verse alludes to a Grimm fairy tale, "The Jew in the Thorn," while clearly referring to Beckmesser.

What I wouldn't give for a Jewish Eden or sky or beet garden! You wouldn't even have to fight to (hopefully) lose, the failure is built-in, I don't know if it's dark like a nuclear winter, but it would definitely be blessed with manifold misshapenesses.