Sunday, June 12, 2022

Parents are Responsible for Their Children

Apparently <a href="">this is shocking news</a>.

It's not the government's responsibility to keep your kids alive.
Or: even if it is, they don't live up to this responsibility, so it's long past time to stop relying on them for your children's safety. Flagrantly demonstrated untrustworthiness. 

That being the case, whose fault is it if your kids end up dead? That would be your own damn fault. Your own failure of security. 

On the plus side, the person most affected by said failure is yourself. Don't worry: nobody else cares. 

As always, peasants need lords. It's also clear that peasant parents are also flagrantly untrustworthy when it comes to keeping their own kids alive. It's not their fault - so-called God made them that stupid, so...

However, setting this issue aside, it's long past time for parents to be proactive. Don't wait for a fear impulse to arrive, go looking for risks, and do the research. Compare risks using, like, numbers and shit. I know math is hard, but having your kid die is harder. 

Or maybe this isn't rocket science. Maybe American parents already thought of this, but rejected it. Instead obediently allowing their kids to die (or be sterilized) for the sake of their "education."

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