Saturday, June 11, 2022

An Exception Where Comments Exceed OP: People are Stupid

"I've been a first responder for ~6 years, most spent riding an ambulance. I figured going into it that I'd have some unique takeaways from the experience, but I didn't anticipate this understanding of how hard life can be for the less intelligent."

While suffering from Plato's excessive rambliness, OP is speaking about experience, rather than analysis, and thus remains on the ball. 

"Reasons for actions and beliefs are never more than a sentence or two. They're almost always appeals to authority or a specific personal experience (e.g. I don't support the welfare program that I use because I saw an undeserving person get it once)."


While it's true that America has been deliberately complexified in an attempt to attack stupid people and make them suffer,* mainly the problem is that peasants need lords.

*(To show they have power over them. They're so insecure they need to prove they have power over someone with an IQ of 75.)

Like all government programs, the attempt to complexify the world has mainly backfired. They can't even break things competently. The world is plenty complicated enough without having to go to any trouble to make it worse; nobody had to create a bureaucracy to make that guy sit on his own O2 line. It didn't have to be designed to be easily sat upon.

The problem is he needs a lord to tell him what to do. He's too stupid to run his own life. Except Americans are not allowed to have a lord. They're supposed to be "free" and "self-actualized" and all that nonsense. As if smart folk couldn't always escape their so-called masters. 

That "appeal to authority" thing is a feature, not a bug. He's supposed to have a specific, local authority to which he appeals. By "local" I mean when he appeals to the local lord, the lord should be physically standing close enough to overhear if he gets the appeal wrong. Which he will, because he's genuinely that stupid. The lord can then correct him. This won't even be shameful since it will happen to everyone who isn't also a lord. 

E.g. rather than calling 911, he would call the lord. Who would physically visit, the expectation all around being that his problems result from disobedience and the lord is going to correct his wayward behaviour.  

That said, this job obviously sucks balls. Being a good lord is a shit job. Broke: medieval aristocrats were overpaid. Woke: medieval aristocrats were underpaid, and that's why they quit and let you have democracy.

Part of the problem is by implying that "stupid" means "IQ 75" I'm exaggerating. Midwits - meaning up to 130 - also need a lord. 130 lets you work out the deliberately obfuscated bureaucratic commands:
"and a thick packet of discharge instructions that neither he nor his wife will be capable of understanding, much less following."
However, they're still not smart enough to do anything but follow commands. 

As I'm fond of saying, maybe 1 in 1000 Americans are lord-tier in modern times. Naturally exact numbers do not exist, but it's well below 1 in 100. (IQ 130 is one in fifty.) 

Below OP there are of course a few crazies and politicians (but I repeat myself) but mainly it's good examples. How strange. I like the one about forklift drivers being unable to handle the baby game of putting the cube in the square hole.
Forklifts aren't dangerous. Forklift drivers are dangerous, because forklifts are unnatural and your instincts aren't compatible with their hazards, but America has a dire shortage of smart people; only dummies have to drive forklifts. (It's okay, human life isn't actually valuable, so...)
Forklifts are of course designed by 135+, who primarily think about the affordances of other 135+. Man is a rational animal, right? Sure it's odd but you just train yourself a bit...
Forklifts could be designed to slot easily into monkeybrain instincts instead. That would be harder, though. More like 145+.

This is why I'm anarcho-feudalist. Yes, barons would buy entire cities. Great. Maybe the demand for lords would start being met to some degree. 

P.S. The idea we need stupid folk to take out the garbage is garbage. Forklifts are already designed for Einstein child ver. A society averaging 180 would find it an interesting challenge to make garbage-collection an engaging activity.
If that's impossible for some reason, it's plausible to suggest they would stop producing garbage at all, just to avoid having to collect it. Just as folk don't get how stupid stupid people are, they don't understand what it's like to be truly intelligent, either. (Just imagine life was easy; too easy and you got tired of winning.) 

P.P.S. A proper Oriental isn't smart enough to do anything but follow commands even at 210+. That's what "conformism" means. Note that conformism to non-local lords is psychopathy-positive. Hundredth-monkey logic: if 99 agree to be conformist and the 100th decides to hack the bone, the 99 get jacked. 

P.P.P.S. A lot of the reason the Gini coefficient in full Soviet Communism seems "good" is because if you get too poor you die. The far left of the bell curve is culled and thus doesn't show up to be counted.
Likewise, the O2 line "complexity" is the result of life being easier for the stupid, not harder. Without the "difficult" modern conditions, the dude would be dead, not accidentally sitting on his medicine. He lived long enough for someone to look down on him.

I haven't verified, but isn't this obvious? Much of the gulag population was folk who got poor enough to be too desperate to follow the rules. Took a chance instead of simply waiting to perish. Inefficient execution for theft. The other side of Son Also Rises is that political prisoners are disproportionately incompetent.


Anonymous said...

> He's supposed to have a specific, local authority to which he appeals.

> As I'm fond of saying, maybe 1 in 1000 Americans are lord-tier in modern times. Naturally exact numbers do not exist, but it's well below 1 in 100. (IQ 130 is one in fifty.)

Maybe you can implement your vision at a small scale - a town. Beyond that, you'll run into manpower issues. You'll simply be unable to recruit the talent.

Now, be honest - are you content with being the ruler of small town? I suspect the answer is no. If this is indeed the case, your vision is dubious even at a small scale.

If the dream is impossible, is it not good to change the dream to something possible?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read BF Skinners utopian novel "Walden Two"? Widely criticised, I found his model arguably tenable. But, of course here is the rub, everyone has to have 120+ IQs to realy make it work.

I dunno. I think you're pretty correct in your broke/ woke analysis of the problem space.