Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Gun Control About Magical Shamanic Totems

Step 1: peasants are afraid of guns because they're afraid of bloody everything.

Step 2: peasants want the terrible fetish removed so they're not affected by the bad feng shui, aka their own cowardice.

Step 3: vote for gun control.

Step 4: public shooting.

Step 5: peasants see terrible fetish, overwhelmed by fear. 

Step 6: vote for gun control again, even though they've never seen a gun in person in their life. 


It's hard to tell the difference between politicians who are cynically exploiting peasant superstition and those who are themselves peasants and aren't merely performing. The rational response is the same, so it doesn't matter. If anything lying about it makes it worse and would be a capital crime in a healthy society. 


Step 7: public schooting.

Step 7.5 or 8, I dunno: journalists slather scary fetish all over the so-called news. 

Step whatever: ----....

Peasants can't shoot straight because they're more afraid of the gun in their own hand. It's closer and closer scary things are scarier, obviously. Holding the bad-man fetish corrupts their body with bad feng shui, you see. If you die a victim you go to heaven; better to get shot than to defend yourself.
Except Bantu of course, who get trapped in the bullet, like a soul gem, if they're shot by police, but not if they're shot by other Bantu. All men are created equal, which is why murder isn't a crime for Bantu. They're not men, I guess. Meanwhile those loving, empathic peasants don't want cops to go to hell for defending themselves, see. They want the cop to die like a good victim. 

How kind.

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