Friday, June 3, 2022

That Was Dumb: War vs. Social Media

In the 1600s they could afford paintings of important battles.

Everyone assumed social media would make hiding military movements in populated areas effectively impossible. That was dumb, now wasn't it? Free speech is worth at most what you pay for it.

It looks like, functionally, the public knows shit about what's going on in the Ukraine. I expect the Russian army more or less knows, the Ukies have some idea, and neither of them are telling.

The most detailed reports are basically, "Some people have died." In a war? No shit, you don't say? Did you work that out on your own? I'm so proud of you. 

We can watch weapons go in and bodies come out, and that's about it. 


P.S. Deep fakes seem to have been fake news. Looks like we can post another "win" for AI. Regular human stupidity and gullibility explains 100% of the observed events.

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