Saturday, June 18, 2022

A Number of Amish Fired for Vaccination Status

Of course the Official Press lies all the time, but they have a bunch of articles whining about how the Amish didn't get vaccinated. Seems less incredible than usual. "Less than 1% of Amish have received any doses of vaccine, according to Michael Derr, the county's health commissioner."

Fuck yeah. Eat it.

"it's risky" they lie. Suck it, φαγγωτ. This is a level of weaselliness that's worth criminalizing.

Who wants to guess how many Amish got fired for failing to vaccinate? How many were even denied service?

Amish: using their unimaginable wealth and deep political connections to carve out legal privileges. Totally uncancellable. lol.

The bureaucratism "a number" in this case means zero. Zero is a number. 

If you're reading it, it's for you.

If you're being oppressed by it, it's for you. 

Secure your shit. That HR departments would demand insane religious rituals is not some kind of surprise or shock. If you rely on corporations, have a backup plan. Corporatism == Fascism, duh. You have seen a school before, yes? Free country, lol.

"It's a free country if you're a billionaire" lol.

Well, it can be free if you want it to be.
Do you want it to be?

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