Wednesday, June 1, 2022

New Humanity Test Just Dropped

Tag yourself if you aren't human:

"The longer I work in AI, the more I think humans are just simple pattern matching machines with a small scratch pad for memory"

P.S. Only secular humanists are obsessed with "human nature" and the distinction between human and non-human. It seems this both selects for stupidity and causes any non-stupid who accidentally wanders in to become stupid.


Anonymous said...


"The more I let strangers run trains on my wife (who will never touch me) the more I have to tell myself that the correct interpretation of Nietzsches philosophy is that nihilism = the highest good"

I've had many arguments that boil down to people refusing to accept that others are aggressively self interested. Like, that the bulk of the human population would literally cut your throat and happily play in your blood for what you consider three weeks salary.

Secular humanists always seem to conveniently think that material shiny gadgets (read : status maximising) are very very important from an ethical standpoint while simultaneously denying that humans are animals with biological drives ie eat mate die.

Weird how dumb they are.

Alrenous said...

Secular humanism is a computer virus.