Saturday, June 18, 2022

Are Masks Humiliating?

"The experience of being forcibly masked was so unpleasant and so humiliating it distracted you"

-sends his kid to Prussian school

Displacement status: excels. Got an A+ on the displacement test. Even answered the bonus question.  

The humiliation is coming from inside the house, Carlson.

It's a bit too late to worry about humiliation rituals in the GAE.

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Parisian said...

There was paranoia in the air for a long time, and a lot still wear them. I wore them in crowded places. I was never sure you nor Fauci was right, but I carry one with me so as not to be refused entry (Marshal's Office, Housing Court, drug stores, no point in going away without your goal.) I guess you have to know for sure to feel humiliated, and I never was. I mainly hated them because they were so hot. Even worse early on with the gloves.

But, as usual, you're talking about the *whole thing*, not just an individual or two. Personally, I was more upset by everything being closed down, things gradually being half in stock, and barely 2 months from lockdown, *mostly peaceful protests* which got into my neighborhood, THERE was the humiliation I most noticed--all these big luxury retailers saying "Oh please, People of Colour, take anything you want".