Saturday, August 14, 2021

Try Not To Freak Out About Furriner Pregnancies

Shouldn't there be someone fundamentally non-ignorant writing for the internet? Somewhere?

"Now it has completely reversed course, realizing that Africa's high fertility will give it global dominance in the end."

Africa can have as many votes as it wants, but it doesn't matter, because it will still be Africa. Fun fact: democracy isn't real.
"If Scotland breeds too many sheep, the sheep will rise up and kill us all!"

This happens because grassland apes have an app for that. If the next tribe over has children and yours doesn't, that's a real problem. As a result, you get chimpouts regarding other folks having children from time to time. Monkey see, monkey screech.

However, if you think about it, you may notice we live in an industrial society, not a grassland hunter tribe. The British already demonstrated the effects of this using the Maxim gun on Zulus. If that's too long ago for you, remember what happened when America briefly let its military off the leash so they could frolic in Afghanistan. The simple fact is that Africa still has humans in it because the West has mercifully decided not to simply remove them all. It wouldn't even count as a war; more like tidying up. That will not change, regardless of how many humans happen to be there.

Though certainly low fertility under modernism is something of a problem, that's a symptom, not a cause. Folks aren't fucking because the civilization is already fucked. If you unbuggered the economy the symptoms would solve themselves, but of course buggering the economy for fun and profit is the core purpose of the western Regime. 

In reality if the Regime uses Africans as domestic saboteurs too effectively, the net result will be a loss of foreign "aid" and thus extremely deadly famines across Africa. I suspect even African leaders aren't stupid enough to fail to appreciate this dependence. Whoever is in charge of Rwanda, in particular, knows exactly what's up.

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