Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Key to Diogenes

Athenians philosophers in particular need to be read in context. Diogenes doesn't say you should masturbate in public

Athenians thought of themselves as supremely Rational. Diogenes pointed out the buggers were so fake they couldn't even coherently explain why you shouldn't masturbate in public.
It is of course expected that a Fascist polity becomes extremely fake. 

Americans don't really get Socrates. "He asked about virtue? That's cool I guess." Imagine a modern-day Socrates walked up to everyone and asked them exactly what [racism] means. Bastard won't shut up about it. Even Americans would realize it's not just sort of annoying when they can't answer his questions.

Although as always I would take a Buddhist/Aristotlean middle way with Diogenes, should I meet him in person. Okay, you have demonstrated you can live without houses and cups. Now demonstrate you can live with houses and cups. Is this genuine conviction, or cope? 

P.P.S. Incidentally:

Courage is taking risks with good expected return even when they're scary.

Laziness is failing to take risks with good expected return when the cost is effort.

You shouldn't masturbate in public because the owner of the public square has asked you not to. He can, because his property is his property. He has secured his shit. He has asked so because he doesn't like ugliness. 

Almost anyone trying to make this stuff profound is trying to steal your wallet, and should probably have his tongue/hands amputated. The exception being when they don't try to 'update' or 'elaborate' these simple truths. 

P.P.P.S. Remember [good expected return] includes the Kelly criterion. It's simple but it's not American simple.

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