Thursday, August 5, 2021

Dilemma of No Aristocratic Should

The noble does not concern himself with "shoulds" or "oughts," only with can and can't. If you can do what you want, then do it; what do you have to complain about? If you can't, then give up and quit complaining, because complaining isn't going to magically make the impossible into the possible. Either way, whining is slave behaviour.

Trying to train myself to follow this principle more reliably.

Problem: doing so more or less evaporates my blog. Have little to write that isn't about how modern governance is fucked up and you shouldn't do it that way. E.g. complaining that peasants whine too much is not an effective tactic for making then whine less. For some reason.


Complaining is mainly about social games. About asserting dominance because you could have done it better. This post was inspired by someone complaining about video games; but look, either you can win the fight and it's fine, or you can't and it's time to stop playing. Are you here for video games or social games? Did you want to play for fun or did you want to assert dominance over the development studio?

Hanging around peasants can make you habitually play social games; especially playing them ineffectually like peasants do. (We were all forced to hang around peasants in school. Also on Twitter etc.) Best to scratch that habit. Either play the social game like you mean it (full Machiavellianism) or play the video game.  

When you're playing a social game (esp. ineffectually) you're not playing the video game (or whatever else) like you mean it. You're distracted. As is hardly unusual for peasant habits, it sabotages both activities. Sure we can argue about whether you have a "right" to have your video games a certain way, or if developers are "obligated" to have done it differently than they did. I mean, if you're bored, I suppose. However, that already didn't happen. If there's something in-game to counter the problem, use it. If there isn't, then evaluate whether the game is still fun. If it is, be grateful. If it isn't, stop playing.

None of this (should be) rocket surgery, but apparently it's well beyond peasant capacities. Like, quit complaining? Just fix it? No, these are genius-tier choices, apparently. If you can do this you're practically a god, at least compared to a standard 100 IQ. 

I would like to think there's someone even smarter than me such that they don't find it surprising that such capacities have such a high DC score.

Heh. "DC six." Bedding this "woman" - I use the term loosely - is not exactly a heroic feat.
Hat tip mori.

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